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Luis Bonnet

Dumbbell Spiderman Crawl


Perform this exercise by getting two dumbbells, not too heavy. Start in a push-up position with your legs separated. Raise one knee so that it touches your elbow and start in the down position as shown. What you want to do is push up, then pick up the dumbbell in your back hand, lift it up and bring it forward while simultaneously raising your back leg. Position should look the same as in the above illustration, but with opposite arm and leg forward.
Try to perform at least 30 reps. This is a great exercise to add to a circuit routine.

Spiderman Hold


Start with your buttocks in the air. Hands and feet on floor, both separated past shoulders’ width. Slowly walk your hands and legs further and further away from each other. Stop when your body is no more than about six inches off the floor. Try to hold this position for at least one minute or until you can no longer hold it. Then slowly walk yourself back to the starting position. A great exercise for strength.
One Arm-One Leg Dumbbell Push-up


Perform this exercise with a kettlebell. Start in a wide push-up position with legs separated. Place one arm behind your back and one leg off the floor. Starting in the down position, try to push yourself up on one arm stabilizing yourself with the kettlebell. Then slowly lower your body down. The amount of reps will depend on your workout goals, but see if you can pull off at least 15 reps with each arm. Another great exercise to add to ones circuit training. This is also a very advanced exercise, so before you try this make sure you can do one-arm push-ups on the floor. Also make sure you can first perform push-ups with one arm and one leg on the floor.

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