Warrior Spirit

First Lieutenant Jennifer Sheringham

The movie 300 gave a lot of people inspiration to “look” like a Spartan-warrior. However, looking like a warrior and being a warrior are two separate things.

The path of a warrior consists of hard work, sweat, discipline, dedication and extreme sacrifice. Most of us in the advanced fitness industry, mainly fighters, like to take-on the warrior way of life. It is a strict path that one must choose. How does the warrior spirit measure up to the American Soldier?

Soldiers deal with 12-hour work days, no days off, leaving their friends, abandoning their families and even sacrificing time away from their children. Combat conditions, working on a FOB (Forward Operation Base) or being on convoys (patrols) can become stressful enough.  Convoys are subject to threats of ambush and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devises). Working on a FOB you are subjected to IDF (In-Direct Fire) mainly from mortars in-bound. Only after a short period of time, does a soldier become hardened and can brush off IDF and IED threats.  They become daily occurrences, whereas the average civilian would literally freak out. Physical Fitness equals Mental Fitness, and only a true warrior can do this for a year at a time and remain positive. Only an American Soldier!

According to CIA World Facts, 44% of the U.S. Population is available for military service.  Only 39% are actually fit for duty however, and only 1% of our population actually become soldiers.

I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight one of my praised warriors, who just so happens to be female. She encompasses the warrior way of life and is an inspiration to others. She is a bright young lady with a lot of potential, but never really recognized her full potential until she started working out. She is a single mother who joined the military, and her sacrifice – leaving her son for a year – is more than anyone at home can say. She manages her stress level by hitting the gym twice a day. Working out has given her a lot of will power, and no matter how tired she is, no matter how sad she will become, she does not give in. She strives forward with an amazing amount of will power, and never gives up, never surrenders, and never misses the gym. Her motivation and dedication is helping win battles, because she is able to focus on her battle tasks.

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