Round timer on your phone!

Shir Warr

As I was planning my workout today, I felt like pushing the envelope on my boxing training. Starting with a nice run on the treadmil, it hit me – why not surf onto the iTunes store and see if I could find a timer app that I could use on my iPhone? Not all gyms have a timer installed, and this would be helpful to me while teaching my classes as well.

One of the first apps I saw was simply called “Boxing Timer”, by Chris Gummer. I downloaded it to my phone, and it was ready by the time I finished my run. I wrapped my hands, set the timer (which works just like the timer at my boxing gym), put on my gloves and had a fantastic 12-round workout on the heavy bag, without having to look at the clock even once.

Bottom line – I highly recommend this app. It can be set for working, warning and rest periods; the bell sound is totally realistic, loud and clear, and the display is configured to show the stages of the round. Furthermore, you can rotate your iPhone to give the display area more space, so you can see it from afar.


I highly recommend!!!

Keep your game sharp (and your guard up!),

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