Kettlebells Galvanized Convention: June 5–7

Shir Konas

Please join us for the Kettlebell Concepts Convention and Trade Show, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC June 5–7. Yours Truly will be participating in three of the events:

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Foam Rolling

Sean A. Archer

The foam roller is like any other tool in the gym. When used correctly it can increase recovery and decrease muscle soreness. In this article you’ll find the exercises for the muscle groups in your leg, calf, quads, hamstrings, adductors, IT band, and gluteus. To learn about the science behind the foam roller please review my previous article. You can also review these exercises on youtube. As always, whenever you’re beginning a new exercise program please consult your physician. Read More

Spring Cleaning

Blake Baxter HHC

We’re six weeks into Spring. For those of us in colder climates, it seems Springtime is just getting started. Nevertheless, now is a good time to talk about what the season means for diet and nutrition, and how the season affects one’s nutritional needs.

Spring is a season for change and for elimination of the old, making way for the new. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with organs of purification: the liver and the gall bladder. It is also, not surprisingly associated with the color green, as well as the Wood element, which represents growth and expansion. It is a good season to focus on your diet and exercise.

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Improve Your Kicking

Luis Bonnet

If you study any martial art that utilizes kicking, these exercises are for you. Being able to execute a good kick requires more than just having power. There are many components such as flexibility, balance, center of gravity, strength, power, and speed. One area you want to make sure you do not neglect to workout is your hip. Almost every kick starts generating power from the hip. For this reason you want to have strong flexible hips:

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Training tip for fighters

Shir Warr

Body Weight Squats

Renowned coach Martin Rooney talks about using body weight (your sparring partner’s, that is…) to increase leg strength. Check it out:

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Keep your game sharp (and your guard up!)

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