Reading Your Opponent

Terry Southerland

There is a lot to be said about reading opponents.  Sometimes it may be as easy as not letting fears overrule common sense. Sometimes, like I was told, when you relax, you can see everything coming, and how everything sets up. My first professional trainer told me this, and it took me a while to understand it, or even begin to put it to use. Sometimes a rule of thumb might be: He or She who makes their opponent think about what they are doing more than thinking about what they themselves are doing wins!

In light of the thought of Reading Opponents, let’s take a lighthearted, simple look at some things that you may want to think about paying attention to next time you’re in the ring:

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Neal Zephyrin

Part II

Chinese martial arts, or Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su, continued to influence Asian countries like Okinawa, Japan. Karate-do or Karate (empty-hand) was born out of Kung-Fu Wu-Su. Another Asian country that hasn’t received its rightful attention when it comes to martial arts is India. India is home to a variety of fighting styles. Collectively, in Sanskrit, these fighting styles are known as “Dhanurveda”. There are wall paintings at the Shaolin Temple in China, depicting Chinese and Indian Monks training and enjoying themselves together. Read More

Static Stretching vs. Good Performance?

Shir Konas

Is Using Static Stretching as Part of a Warm-up Ever a Good Idea?

There has been controversy about this for a while now. In my group classes, I usually prefer to use dynamic stretching and movement practice before going into any training; The following is an article that was published on the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s newsletter – I wanted to share it with you: Read More

Happy Holiday!

Shir Warr

For most people, summer is the season of vacations, beaches, cookouts and relaxation with family and friends. For people like us, it’s a chance to take a good look at how we train, where we are at the moment and how we can improve.


I have been spending so much time in the gym, training both lay people and fighters, helping others become stronger and improve their conditioning, but somehow my own training has fallen by the wayside in the past few months. These slower days of summer are a perfect excuse for me to get back into my “fighting shape”. Indeed, I’m probably in the best condition I’ve ever been, and I definitely look the part, but being in fighting shape is completely different: it is a mental state, it is the sharpness and awareness in both mind and body, it is the mindset of a fighter when they consistently dedicate enough time to sparring — and not just any sparring, but sparring that presents challenges every single time.

As I prepare to enjoy this holiday weekend and all the goodness that it brings (including a couple of days off — something I haven’t had in a very long time!), I also prepare to come back to the gym next week with a slightly different agenda…

Keep your game sharp (and your guard up!),

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