Shir Warr

Every year, around July, something starts to feel different at our Kung-Fu school. Students seem to be more focused; Teachers start talking about discipline and practice more than usual; everyone stays after class to get in more individual practice; people reflect on the past few months and look at their newly acquired techniques, specialties, weaknesses and strengths. Read More

Better Human, Crunch and Everlast!

Shir Konas

Every Thursday night I teach a classic boxing class at a NYC Crunch gym; That specific location is set up with an enormous boxing ring, surrounded by about seven heavy boxing bags, a speed bag, an uppercut bag and other fantastic equipment. The class is sponsored by Everlast and goes by the title “Everlast’s Art of Boxing”; It is structured to review basic technique in the ring, perform about 10 rounds on the bags, after which we come back into the ring for an intense conditioning circuit. Read More

Workout of the week

Shir Warr

Lately I’ve noticed that I am approaching another plateau in my resistance training routine. On the bright side, it’s a great thing, because it means I’m getting stronger and can move the weight around more easily. On the other hand, it also means it’s time to take a close look at what I’m doing, set new goals and go to work.

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