Holiday/New Year’s workout

Shir Konas

Being a “summer baby” and loving the outdoors, I feel that as the days become colder I tend to lose some of my otherwise abundant motivation to leave my cozy apartment and go push myself like I do on warmer, sunny days. It seems the only thing that really helps me survive those dark and blustery New York winters is the cheer of the holiday season.

If you exhibit the same symptoms, here’s a workout that will help cheer you up, get you through the slush and assist in your recovery from all the typical festivities, heavy holiday food and New Year’s hangovers…

First, grab a Bosu, two kettlebells of identical weight (no more weight than what you use for static shoulder presses), and a large, nicely inflated Physioball.

  1. Pistol squats on soft side of Bosu, with one racked KB on the supporting leg side (10 reps each leg)
  2. Static lunges (with front foot on soft side of the Bosu) with simultaneous KB triceps extention: hold the KB bottom up, and flex your elbows at the same time you flex your knees (10 reps each leg)
  3. Lateral uneven pushups on soft side of Bosu: With feet slightly apart, place both hands in the center of the dome (hands close together). Step one hand outside of the Bosu and push up. Return the hand to the center and repeat with the other hand. if comfortable, you can ad a little “hop”as you switch hands on the Bosu. (10 alternating reps each side)
  4. Elbow-to-hand planks on soft side of Bosu: Place hands on the top center of the dome. Without moving your hands, flex your elbows and place your forearm down on the bosu. Rise back onto your hands. If comfortable, you can do this with a plyometric twist: jump up from your forearms to your hands, tightening your core. (10 reps – each bend and rise is one rep)
  5. Repeat 1–4
  6. Stepup + KB shoulder press on hard side of Bosu. Press from the rack position as you step up and lift the opposite knee to your chest. (10 reps each leg)
  7. Lateral squat leg switches on soft side of Bosu. With the left foot on the center of the dome and the right on the side of the Bosu with foot planted on the floor, squat, then lift your right foot and place it right beside the left, then step the left foot out onto the floor and repeat on the other side. If comfortable, add two KBs and hold in the rack position throughout the exercise. (10 alternating reps each side)
  8. Plyo lift pushups on the hard side of the bosu. With bosu hard-side-up, place your hands on each side handle, push up and lift the bosu off the ground at the end of the movement, resulting in a plyometric or “jumping” and lifting pushup. (10 reps)
  9. Side v-ups on soft side of Bosu. Place your hip on the center of the dome, legs stacked and feet together; Place the elbow of your bottom arm on the floor, and the top hand behind your ear. Lifting both legs up without bending the knees, touch your elbow to your knee while lifting the shoulders up towards your legs. (10 reps each side)
  10. repeat 6–9
  11. Double KB front squat on hard side of bosu. Stand on hard side of the Bosu, feet as far apart as possible, holding a racked Kettlebell in each hand and squat. (10 reps)
  12. Double KB single-stiff-leg deadlift on soft or hard side of bosu. Stand on either side of Bosu (depending on your comfort and skill level), with KBs hanging straight down in front of you. With stiff supporting leg (knee slightly flexed), raise the other leg straight behind you until your body is parallel to the floor – head to heel in a straight line – KBs still hanging in front; return the leg to center and extend your hip to a full standing position, and repeat. (10 reps each leg)
  13. Plyometric wide-into-diamond pushups on soft side of bosu. Place your hands wide, on the floor outside the edges of the Bosu. push up until your hands are completely off the floor using your triceps and land in a diamond hand position on the center of the dome. perform a pushup in this position, and land with your hands back in the wide starting position. (10 reps – each two jumps in and out are one rep)
  14. Seated body/leg extension into KB Russian twists, on soft side of Bosu. Holding a Kettlebell by the horns at chest level, sit in the center of the dome with knees flexed, feet off the floor. Extend your body backward as your legs straighten in front until they are level with the floor; then fle your knees back and twist from the waist to the left and to the right, finishing in the center starting position. (10 reps)
  15. Repeat 11–14
  16. Pike pushups on Physioball. Facing down with top of the feet on the ball and hands on the floor in pushup position, flex your hip (keeping the legs straight) until your hip is directly above your shoulders. Perform a pushup in this position, then extend the hip back to the starting position. If comfortable, place your hands on the hard side of a Bosu instead of the floor and perform the exercise this way. (10 reps)
  17. Knee tucks on Physioball. Start in the same position as the previous exercise. Holding your core tight, tuck both knees to your chest and back out, keeping your shoulders above your hands. If comfortable, tuck each knee separately. If that is also easy for you, place your hands on the hard side of a Bosu instead of the floor. (10 reps or 10 alternating reps each knee)
  18. Single leg plank on Bosu and Physioball. Start in the same position as the previous exercise, but place your hands in the center of the soft side of a Bosu. Lift one foot off the Physioball and hold for 15 seconds. Switch feet. (10 alternating reps each leg)

Enjoy and have a great holiday season and a happy new year!!!

Keep your game sharp (and your guard up!),

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