Luis Bonnet

Spring is here and now is the time to work out hard. Now is the time when some people get that spring workout fever and decide they want to workout harder. Sometimes work and the rest of life can create a detour in your workout journey. If you are pressed for time, forget the hour and a half workout at the gym. A long workout is great if you have the time. When crunched for time try the Circuit below. It can be done in 25 minutes:

Warm-up can be whatever you want. Sometimes I start with a set of regular push-ups and a set of squats at moderate speed. This helps to get my heart going and my body warm. Perform the circuit 4 times. The goal is to go from exercise to exercise with no rest. If needed take a 1-minute rest at the end of each full round.

  1. Dumbbell deadlift to shoulder press
  2. One leg diamond pushups (keep other leg 6 inches off the floor)
  3. Dumbbell squat to standing shoulder shrug
  4. Gorilla crunch—Pullup and hanging crunch combined. Pull yourself up on a pullup bar and add a crunch. The key is to bring your elbows to your knees rounding the body like a ball.
  5. Plyo-Kettlebell pushup—One hand is on the ground and the other is on a kettlebell. Feet are kept 2 feet apart. Push off the ground switching hands on the kettle bell as you come down. This exercise can be done with a dumbbell as well.

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