Master Robert Thomas

Master Robert Thomas has been a member of the Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association since 1974, where he currently holds the position of Kung-Fu Wu-Su Master Instructor and Co-Director. He has also served as an expert on the website for 6 years, February 2002 to February 2008, answering various questions concerning Chinese martial arts. Most recently Master Thomas was profiled in a documentary entitled "Natural Mystery," that aired on The Learning Channel (TLC) and was distributed worldwide. You can contact Master Thomas directly concerning martial arts issues at



Master Robert Thomas

One of the most important aspects in the study of martial arts is the development of a disciplined mind.  All others skills pale in comparison.  A person can learn to throw a punch, a kick, lock an arm or leg or throw an opponent, but you will not do any of these well or master the techniques unless you utilize discipline.

Discipline is concentrated control in your training and performance. You control the movements of your body and control the thoughts in your mind consistently to achieve an objective. There is an old adage that says, “Practice makes perfect.”  I disagree: Disciplined practice makes perfect.

The undisciplined person seems awkward to the eye of the beholder. Read More


Master Robert Thomas

I was speaking with one of my students a few weeks ago and he said that a friend of his exclaimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is better than Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) because of the now tired axiom that “All fights end up on the ground.” He indicated if he had to have a fight on the street he would fare better than a traditional martial artist.

There are a number of misconceptions and problems with that statement. One, all fights do not end up on the ground. It is simply not true. Even if they do or a high percentage does, what does it matter? The fight could have ended on the ground because one person was knocked out and fell to the ground. In this case was the person who threw the knockout punch an MMA artist or a Boxer? If a Boxer, he has no ground fighting skills. Who knows or cares.

Let’s break the statement down statistically and determine how the person ended up on the ground. Statements can be misleading. Whe Read More