Terry Southerland

Terry Southerland was a 3-time National Champion, All Navy Champion, and winner of many International bouts, including participation in the first Goodwill Games representing the U.S. in 1986. Compiling an amateur record of 147 wins and 18 losses, and a Professional record of 21 wins & 3 losses in his boxing career.


Reading Your Opponent

Terry Southerland

There is a lot to be said about reading opponents.  Sometimes it may be as easy as not letting fears overrule common sense. Sometimes, like I was told, when you relax, you can see everything coming, and how everything sets up. My first professional trainer told me this, and it took me a while to understand it, or even begin to put it to use. Sometimes a rule of thumb might be: He or She who makes their opponent think about what they are doing more than thinking about what they themselves are doing wins!

In light of the thought of Reading Opponents, let’s take a lighthearted, simple look at some things that you may want to think about paying attention to next time you’re in the ring:

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Terry Southerland

I said goodbye to my parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, March of 1992, driving my car to NYC. I told them I would be back in a few weeks.  I was going to train at Gleason’s Gym with the legendary trainer Victor Valle Sr.

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Terry Southerland

I was always taught that boxing was a sport that was 75% Mental, and 25% Physical. Even though it is a physically demanding sport, when you get in the ring, you both have two arms and two legs. Needless to say, it’s what each person chooses to do with those limbs that makes ALL of the difference. All of the movements are controlled by the mind. Oftentimes, the mind during a match is controlled by emotions. Read More